Silent Erosion

Unseen Consequences: English’s Silent Erosion of 3000 Native Dialects

Unearth the unseen consequences of English’s global spread and its silent erosion of 3000 native dialects. Understand how education, media, and digital exclusion contribute to the disappearance of unique linguistic heritage. Let’s remember, in the face of English’s ‘Monopoly’, the real ‘Community Chest’ is our world’s diverse linguistic treasure trove. […]

Linguistic Homogenization

The Shocking Wave of Linguistic Homogenization: English at the Helm

Delve into the implications of English’s global dominance and its role in the worrying trend of linguistic homogenization. Discover how English’s ubiquitous presence may inadvertently lead to a loss of linguistic and cultural diversity, endangering 90% of world’s languages. Explore the forces behind this trend and the efforts to preserve the world’s linguistic richness. […]